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tree trimming and pruning
For tree trimming service, such as pruning, call McKee Tree Service.

Pruning doesn't only make sure trees and shrubbery looks better, it also helps them stay healthy. While some pruning can be simple, others might be more dangerous. For some individuals, taking care of lawn work is problematic. You may have a disability or perhaps you just simply lacked the time needed to devote to taking care of your outside vegetation. Regardless of the reason, McKee Tree Service is here with a multitude of tree trimming service options. Plus, you can get an estimate for your job totally free of charge.


For tree trimming service call (828) 387-0173.

Tree Trimming Service

If you live in Boone, or the surrounding areas, McKee Tree Service is here to help you. Whether it's pruning a mighty oak, trimming some lilac bushes or simply beautifying some hedges, McKee Tree Service can do it all. Getting started is simple. All it takes is a quick phone call or e-mail to us today. So rather than wasting your precious time with outdoor lawn work, contact us instead.