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Tree Removal In The High Country

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tree removal

Tree Cutting and Tree Removal

Since 1974, McKee Tree Service has been helping residents of High Country with their tree issues. There's nothing you won't find here. Get affordable tree service such as hazardous tree removal, tree preservation, pruning and fertilization. McKee is also the place to call when you need stump grinding, bracing and cabling or view clearing. Plus, any tree service is fully insured so you don’t have to worry about any accidents. Serving all the counties in and around Boone, like Avery and Watauga, there’s a certified tree arborist ready and willing to help you. Just call 828-372-0377 today. You can check out some of our popular services listed below that include...

Tree Removal

hazardous tree removal

Contact the hazardous tree removal experts at McKee Tree Service if you live in or around Boone. 

Stump Grinder

stump grinder

Instead of buying or renting a stump grinder, contact a professional tree trimming service in Boone. 


Tree Preservation

Make your trees look their best with McKee Tree Service’s tree preservation and fertilization options.